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Ya’ll gotta see this…

Here are two photos.  One, taken in 2013 when I was in a wheelchair being pushed around the US Capitol, obese, ready to get off the exit on the Highway of Life. The other is 2016, lost 100lbs, able to … Continue reading

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Dialysis, ESRD and EEOC

Update 10/19/14:  Recently the EEOC had to sue an employer for discriminating against a patient with ESRD.  It was successful.  READ about it HERE Back a couple years ago, I had to sue my employer through the EEOC  (Equal Employment … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Washington, DC

(I apologize that this is over a month old and I and  I am just now posting it!  Frankly, I thought I had finished it but obviously I didn’t!)  As you may know I was in DC for the Fly-in … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Your Rights

I came across this information about kidney patient Bill of Rights from the National Kidney Foundation and figured I would pass it along.  You can read about it by CLICKING HERE Devon © 2013 DevonTexas

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Dialysis and Anniversary

On August 21, (yesterday) I “celebrate” the anniversary of when I started dialysis.  I will be ending my fifth year and starting my sixth.  My, My! How time flies! In that time, I’ve been to “The Center from Hell” and … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Action

Dears Readers, This is a moment when your action is required for your benefit and all the others in dialysis!  Quickly, CMS (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) has proposed a huge cut to dialysis payments for Medicare patients.  They … Continue reading

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Discharge Planning from a Patient Perspective

This is an article I wrote for a discussion group on “Discharge Planning” but I’m sure many7 of you dialysis patients can relate to it. I never really thought about “Discharge Planning” until I came across this website on the … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Frailty

I came across this study that has some real relevance to us as dialysis patients so I wanted to pass it along.   To summarize:  it’s about a short test that can be useful in determining the risk of dialysis … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Summer Camp

Originally published in May but I want to make sure everyone with kids in dialysis has a chance to see this… if not this year, then next year your child can have a summer camp experience.  It breaks my heart … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Opening Day

Update 11/27/12: I spoke with the Facility Manager yesterday.  I have revised the posting to reflect our conversation. Exactly a week ago, last Monday 11/19/12, Davita opened a new clinic and that was the first day.  Opening Day Disaster?  Absolutely. … Continue reading

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