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Dialysis and Opening Day

Update 11/27/12: I spoke with the Facility Manager yesterday.  I have revised the posting to reflect our conversation. Exactly a week ago, last Monday 11/19/12, Davita opened a new clinic and that was the first day.  Opening Day Disaster?  Absolutely. … Continue reading

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Dialysis Pain and Lidocaine

I posted this a couple years back but it’s a popular topic for dialysis patients, new and experienced, so I’ll post it again to refresh it… There’s a topical cream you can apply about 45-60 minutes before dialysis that may … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Questions

Update: 11/09/12: I will be back on line soon.  I am occupied with some personal issues and having difficulty seeing. In the meantime, please answer the poll.  Thanks.  I get a lot of readers who get to this blog site … Continue reading

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In Meetings

I’m in a conference this weekend so I won’t have time to post much.  In the meantime, check out some of my blogs from past weeks. I’m especially focusing on Fluid Control again.  I can’t tell you how important this … Continue reading

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