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Dialysis and Nursing Home

It’s not uncommon that a dialysis patient or a caregiver must make the decision to enter into a nursing home.   I came across this article about what to look for when evaluating a Nursing Home.  It’s brief, to the … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Death (Part 4)

my friend is on dialysis and is dying. how do I talk to him? Above is a “search term” which showed up on my blog account.  In other words, that is what someone entered into a search engine like “Google” … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Depression (continued)

Update: 10/13/13:  Wow! It’s a year later.  How things have changed!  I don’t really have time to be depressed.  My suggestion is working very well on myself.  I got involved in advocating for dialysis patients and dog rescue.  With all … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Home Hemo

Update 11/7/13:   Here’s a post from Dialysis Patient Citizens website about setting up for Home Hemo.  Very good ideas! To read it, CLICK HERE If you’re thinking about doing home hemodialysis, this is an excellent source for information.  Mike uses … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Pancackes

It’s a Sunday morning in the US of A so I thought it might be nice to have some pancakes and I came across this great recipe from Marie.   Also, bookmark her page as I’m sure it will be a … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Comments

Update 10/13/13:  Thank you to all my readers that left comments!  That was very kind.  I feel rewarded by what you wrote.  I really needed that.  It inspires me to write more! Hey all.  It’s a rainy Saturday and I’ve … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Shortness of Breath

Here’s a very good post about kidney disease and shortness of breath…

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Dialysis and the Dream Comes True – DialySpa

Updated 12/4/13:   The Mayo Clinic announced a new center that sounds like it’s in the same direction as Dialyspa.  I’ve contacted them for more information.  CLICK HERE to read their announcement. A few months back, I was in Houston, … Continue reading

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What Was I Drinking…er…Thinking

Originally posted on Bob Northam:
Bob Here. So this dialysis patient goes into a bar and orders a beer, right? The bartender says, “That’ll be eight dollars. You know,” he continues, “we don’t get many dialysis patients in here.” The…

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Dialysis and Apologies

I haven’t been on-line much lately and for that I apologize.  I like to post every couple days — usually on my “days off”; Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday — but I’ve just been darned busy with so many other things. … Continue reading

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