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Dialysis and Bones

There’s a very good presentation from the DPC Education Center with audio and slides that describes the relationship of kidney function, calcium, the thyroid gland, and bones.  I found it very help in my understand of bone density and kidney … Continue reading

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Dialysis Arm Bands and Clothing

I found a really clever device that I’ve been using for a couple years.  It’s simple and effective.  It’s called a Dialysis Arm Band and it covers my access, feels comfortable and spares me the embarrassment of exposing my rather … Continue reading

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Dialysis Blog – Dialyspa

Update: 10/11/13:  Dialyspa is having a tailgate party on Sunday, October 13, 2013!  See their Facebook page for more information.  Gee, can you imagine if your dialysis center did things like this?! Here’s a good dialysis-related blog from Dialyspa.    … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Health Scare

OMG!  I usually check and double-check my links in anything I post.  This one time, I didn’t and, it didn’t work.  My sincere apologies! BTW… Y’all need to tell me if a link doesn’t work! Please! Here’s a fascinating video … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Access

07/05/13:  Reposted of the original 6/30/13 posting I’ve accumulated some information over the past several months about Dialysis and the Access; the A/V Fistula, the A/V Graft, and the Dialysis Catheter.  (This was originally published on 6/30/13 and I’ll leave … Continue reading

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Discharge Planning from a Patient Perspective

This is an article I wrote for a discussion group on “Discharge Planning” but I’m sure many7 of you dialysis patients can relate to it. I never really thought about “Discharge Planning” until I came across this website on the … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Frailty

I came across this study that has some real relevance to us as dialysis patients so I wanted to pass it along.   To summarize:  it’s about a short test that can be useful in determining the risk of dialysis … Continue reading

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