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Dialysis and Medications

Hey y’all… I came across this article from the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and thought it might be helpful to those wondering about the effect of medications on your kidneys. Some can be harmful to your kidneys. Caution, however. If … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Bones

There’s a very good presentation from the DPC Education Center with audio and slides that describes the relationship of kidney function, calcium, the thyroid gland, and bones.  I found it very help in my understand of bone density and kidney … Continue reading

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Dialysis Arm Bands and Clothing

I found a really clever device that I’ve been using for a couple years.  It’s simple and effective.  It’s called a Dialysis Arm Band and it covers my access, feels comfortable and spares me the embarrassment of exposing my rather … Continue reading

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Dialysis Blog – Dialyspa

Update: 10/11/13:  Dialyspa is having a tailgate party on Sunday, October 13, 2013!  See their Facebook page for more information.  Gee, can you imagine if your dialysis center did things like this?! Here’s a good dialysis-related blog from Dialyspa.    … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Health Scare

OMG!  I usually check and double-check my links in anything I post.  This one time, I didn’t and, it didn’t work.  My sincere apologies! BTW… Y’all need to tell me if a link doesn’t work! Please! Here’s a fascinating video … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Access

07/05/13:  Reposted of the original 6/30/13 posting I’ve accumulated some information over the past several months about Dialysis and the Access; the A/V Fistula, the A/V Graft, and the Dialysis Catheter.  (This was originally published on 6/30/13 and I’ll leave … Continue reading

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Discharge Planning from a Patient Perspective

This is an article I wrote for a discussion group on “Discharge Planning” but I’m sure many7 of you dialysis patients can relate to it. I never really thought about “Discharge Planning” until I came across this website on the … Continue reading

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