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Dialysis and Stages of Kidney Disease

Update  05-30-14:   I found this graphic at “KidneyBuzz”.  Very well done.  CLICK HERE to see it.  I came across this great graphic illustrating the stages of kidney disease.  Unfortunately I can’t tell who created and published it so I can … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Constipation

Hey all!  A great article on ESRD patients and constipation. CLICK HERE to read it. I find I have the opposite problem. I wrote about it in “Dialysis and Diarrhea“

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Something Different Than Just Dialysis

I found this article, titled “Making a Diagnosis is Less Important than Asking these 2 Questions” by Dr. Frank Lipman and wanted to pass it along.  He makes the point that “Even though you may have been given a diagnosis, always … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Living

Every day we have to deal with the 800 lb Gorilla in the room.  We can often walk around it but it’s there, every minute of every day: Kidney Failure and Dialysis.  Here’s a really well written article by Courtney … Continue reading

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