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I’m working! I’m working!

Updated 8/31/12: Still working on my next posting.  Sorry for the hold up.  That Wednesday session took the wind out of my sails!  Also, I spent my last bit of energy on the Hurricane Issac posting.  It was important to … Continue reading

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Isaac and Preparedness

I’m reading and hearing about patients impacted by Isaac.  Let me take this opportunity to make some important points.  I’ll pick up on my posting about “Dialysis and the Procedure” later.  This is too important.  We learned a lot about … Continue reading

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Dialysis and The Procedure

If you’re looking forward… wait, not a good way to phrase that… if you’re going to enter Dialysis soon, it might be helpful to get an idea of the process.  First thing is you get a shift and days.  There … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Depression

Updated 10/11/12: Scroll to bottom for additional information. I have started this post several times and, like that proverbial author in front of the typewriter with wads of paper surrounding him, I have tossed aside many aborted efforts. It’s hard … Continue reading

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Dialysis and a Difficult Staff Person

I found an interesting article written a while back and posted to the ESRD Network 14 (Texas) website about Dealing with a Difficult Staff Person.  It started me thinking about my own similar experiences with staff people. One that comes … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Oops!

Sorry.  My internet went down Thursday night and just came back a few minutes ago!  I couldn’t research for my posting.  Watch this space.  My apologies!  I will have a post tomorrow.

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Dialysis and the First Stick

I was on a forum posting about my fourth Anniversary and I realized I never wrote anything about my “first stick”.  So, here it is… I had advanced knowledge that I was going into dialysis for kidney failure.  I was … Continue reading

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Dialysis and a Not Normal Day

Update: 8/18/12  Working like crazy today… New posting about Pain and Lidocaine comine out tomorrow (8/19/12) morning and another in progress about “the Ritual” of dialysis for noobs.  Watch this space!   I found this other blogger and author who wrote … Continue reading

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Not a good day.. (updated).

Update 8/9/12:  My eyes are better today, but I spent all morning at the Texas Workforce Commission, meeting with them so I can preserve my unemployment payments that are currently paying the bills. Now I’m just tired and need a … Continue reading

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CKD and Your Job (Part One)

If you’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), you need to know some things about how this may affect your life and your work. According to  The Kidney Fund:  “The term ‘chronic kidney disease’ (CKD) means lasting damage to … Continue reading

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