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Dialysis and your job (Part 3)

In a forum, someone posted that they felt they were coming under some extra scrutiny at their workplace since they started dialysis.  They asked if they should be concerned about that. Here’s my answer: They could be covering their butts … Continue reading

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Dialysis and no comment

You’ll have to forgive me but I really have nothing to say/write today.  I’m just not up to writing and researching and editing today.  I’m going about my usual day and watching my fluids, phosphorus, and potassium.  But, I honestly … Continue reading

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The Patient Experience

At the blog “Mind the Gap”, the author Stephen Wilkins. MPH, writes about the Patient Experience.  I was hooked the second he wrote, “In only 26% of the visits are patients allowed to complete their opening statement (agenda) without interruption … Continue reading

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Dialysis and ACA Repeal

If Governor Romney wins election as President, his first act, he says, will be to repeal and replace ObamaCare (or more properly, the Affordable Care Act).  How will this impact on Medicare and, generally, the dialysis patient population? I already … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Medicare Again

Update: 10/21/12: I found this article about Medicare Advantage plans and how they are ripping off the system.  Interesting read. Update 10/16/12: Shortly after I published this, I came across this posting about a speech by Barry Straube, MD, at the National … Continue reading

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National Kidney Fund Cares

The National Kidney Fund (NKF) has several programs for kidney and dialysis patients.  I thought you should know about these. The NKF has a Peer Support system that allows patients to be mentored by other patients who have completed a … Continue reading

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Dialysis and AMA

Eileen Boyle, MSW, authored an article in the August issue of RBT+ (a digital magazine published by about keeping patients in their prescribed treatment for the entire duration.  The point is that all too often patients don’t stay for … Continue reading

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Dialysis or Transplant – Guest Blog

I came across a wonderful blog the other day where a dialysis patient with a foot in both both worlds offers his experience and perspective on Dialysis and Kidney Transplant. This is a particularly poignant tale because it involves a … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Medicare

    Update 10/17/12: Some notes from a recent conference: Update 10/9/12: I found a very good site that does a great job of explaining Medicare.  It’s directed to “seniors” but all ESRD patients will eventually be on Medicare if … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Social Work

“Social Worker” is a person who has graduated with a masters degree from a graduate school of social work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. As follow up to my previous posts about “Dialysis and Depression“, I spoke with … Continue reading

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