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Dialysis and Thoughts

I really appreciate it when readers go through many of my posts as happened yesterday. does a great job of tracking which posts are accessed each day and how many times.  For example, there were 77 views yesterday.  Most … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Legacy Tales:
Doing what she loved best, watching and sheparding over the back yard. Shortly after the New Year of 2013 began, our beloved pet, Sadie, passed away.  We’re not sure what she died from.  She was…

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Dialysis and Death (Part 2)

When I sat down to write about my friend John’s passing, I wanted to make the point about death and dialysis and all the ramifications of it but I didn’t want these issues to interfere with my tribute to John … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Death

Update 1/22/13:  There’s a second part to this.  After you read this,  see “Dialysis and Death (Part 2)“.  My friend “Chief” died this week.  He died on Wednesday and I found out on Friday when someone mentioned it.  I’ll miss … Continue reading

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Dialysis and WiFi Pads

Update 1/12/13:  I got myself a new pad for Christmas.  It’s a MID Android Pad and it’s 9 inch rather than the 7 inch I had previously.  My only complaint is the short battery time but the navigation controls are … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Education

The Dialysis Patient Citizens opened a new Education Center.  Here’s the link to the page for it.  I look forward to reading and contributing to it. In case you’re not aware of Dialysis Patient Citizens, they are the leading advocacy … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Fiscal Cliff Bill

Update 1/5/13:  More about the “fiscal cliff” issue from Dialysis Patient Citizens.  Read it at And here’s another very good posting about this from Renal Business Today I am re-posting this from the very knowledgeable author, Bill Peckham. He provides … Continue reading

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Dialysis and a New Year

It’s a New Year so it’s a good time to make some changes.  I don’t mean some resolutions to make changes.  I mean actual changes. I began with a new promise to do my best to control my fluids and … Continue reading

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