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Friendship (Life-long)

Because I was brought up in the chaotic, transient life of a Military brat, I can’t point to anyone and say, “We’ve been friends since childhood”.  I’ve met people who can say that and I really envy them for that … Continue reading

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Customer Service?

Two parallels, Office Depot and Best Buy. Yesterday, I had the “pleasure” of have two electronic devices break down in one day and the level of customer support was striking different. My TV sound suddenly went off and my Lenovo … Continue reading

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Father, My Father

Here was my tweet in response to the one from AARP asking us to write about our Fathers in 140 characters or less.  Trust me, it was a challenge to be so brief about a man I cared so much. … Continue reading

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Sexing a Kitten 101

I never saw myself as a cat lover.  They are aloof and unfriendly, hardly a pet, more of an animal that allows you to live with it.   Or so I thought.  Not so with this feline.  It’s affectionate, attentive, … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to DevonTexas’ Blog Site. Here’s where I will post my thoughts, experiences, and otherwise useful items.  I hope you enjoy it and come away with something of value. I appreciate your visit and any comments you might have. Most … Continue reading

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