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Dialysis and Bicarbonate

I came across this great article about the Bicarbonate Levels in dialysis from the American Journal of Kidney Disease.  It’s a bit technical but it’s an important topic for us dialysis patients.  Read it and I will post more about … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Your Rights

I came across this information about kidney patient Bill of Rights from the National Kidney Foundation and figured I would pass it along.  You can read about it by CLICKING HERE Devon © 2013 DevonTexas

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Dialysis and Pads

I got this inquiry the other day: “i am looking for a dialysis cushion for a chair”  So, in the For What It’s Worth Department, I have used a yoga pad and a gymnastics pad.  Here are my thought about … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Aches and Pains

Originally posted on Big D and Me:
One of the less attractive side effects of long term BigD is the gradual expansion of aches and pains in muscles and joints: hands, feet, shoulders and knees (especially knees!). I first noticed…

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Dialysis and Anniversary

On August 21, (yesterday) I “celebrate” the anniversary of when I started dialysis.  I will be ending my fifth year and starting my sixth.  My, My! How time flies! In that time, I’ve been to “The Center from Hell” and … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Patient-Centered Care

I was originally diagnosed with CKD somewhere about the turn of the century.  I worked my way up the kidney disease ladder to each stage of the disease and finally I went on dialysis in 2008;  Exactly five years ago … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Sleep

I recently got the question: “Why do dialysis patients sleep so much?”   Some patients would answer that question with another:  “What are you talking about?” because we often have sleep disorders like insomnia.  I wrote about “Dialysis and Insomnia” … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Letter Writing

From the DPC (Dialysis Patient Citizens) Newsletter for August, here’s a very important and practical activity you can do that will have a huge impact and benefit all your fellow dialysis patients.  Write a Letter to your local newspaper.   … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Kidney Disease

Great article about kidney disease and the many factors that cause it. It makes a very good point about checking protein output in patients with hypertension and diabetes. This would pick up kidney disease in its early stages and allow … Continue reading

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