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Dialysis, ESRD and EEOC

Update 10/19/14:  Recently the EEOC had to sue an employer for discriminating against a patient with ESRD.  It was successful.  READ about it HERE Back a couple years ago, I had to sue my employer through the EEOC  (Equal Employment … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Your Rights

I came across this information about kidney patient Bill of Rights from the National Kidney Foundation and figured I would pass it along.  You can read about it by CLICKING HERE Devon © 2013 DevonTexas

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Dialysis and Action

Dears Readers, This is a moment when your action is required for your benefit and all the others in dialysis!  Quickly, CMS (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) has proposed a huge cut to dialysis payments for Medicare patients.  They … Continue reading

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Dialysis and EEOC Mediation (Update)

I posted previously on the issue of my EEOC complaint against my former employer and the subsequent Mediation.  It’s all a bit complicated.  I went through this previously with another employer while I had CKD.  At the time, I didn’t … Continue reading

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Dialysis and your job (Part 3)

In a forum, someone posted that they felt they were coming under some extra scrutiny at their workplace since they started dialysis.  They asked if they should be concerned about that. Here’s my answer: They could be covering their butts … Continue reading

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Dialysis and ADA

I came across this article about a kidney patient in Florida who is  suing his former employer for terminating him off shortly after he announced his kidney problems.  They claimed it was a reduction in force but he points out … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Food Stamps

Digital Journal had an news item from Warner-Robbins, Georgia about a woman awaiting a kidney transplant and her humiliating experience using her  food stamps debit card at a local Kroger.  She got into an argument with a cashier about some items … Continue reading

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