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Dialysis and the Fiscal Cliff Bill

Update 1/5/13:  More about the “fiscal cliff” issue from Dialysis Patient Citizens.  Read it at http://dialysispatients.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/congressional-corner-january-over-the-cliff-then-quickly-back-up-again/ And here’s another very good posting about this from Renal Business Today http://www.renalbusiness.com/news/2013/01/kidney-care-provisions-in-fiscal-cliff-package-place-added-pressure-on-dialysis-patients.aspx I am re-posting this from the very knowledgeable author, Bill Peckham. He provides … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Medicare

    Update 10/17/12: Some notes from a recent conference: http://www.nephrologynews.com/articles/109077-where-is-the-esrd-program-going Update 10/9/12: I found a very good site that does a great job of explaining Medicare.  It’s directed to “seniors” but all ESRD patients will eventually be on Medicare if … Continue reading

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Dialysis and EMR

I want to bring this posting in another blog to your attention.  It’s “Mind the Gap” and is an excellent point about Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and how you can use those to your advantage.  It’s from Steve Wilkins, MPH. … Continue reading

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Dialysis and more Dreams

This is a follow up to the previous post, “Dialysis and Dreaming” wherein I wrote about my dreams for an ideal center and pointed to Dialyspa as an example of a step in the right direction. When I went for … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Depression

Updated 10/11/12: Scroll to bottom for additional information. I have started this post several times and, like that proverbial author in front of the typewriter with wads of paper surrounding him, I have tossed aside many aborted efforts. It’s hard … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the First Stick

I was on a forum posting about my fourth Anniversary and I realized I never wrote anything about my “first stick”.  So, here it is… I had advanced knowledge that I was going into dialysis for kidney failure.  I was … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Money

If you’re in the first couple years of dialysis and your medical expenses are covered by private insurance, you need to know this:  You are the Golden Ticket to a dialysis center! After 33 months on dialysis, you automatically convert … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Center from Hell

It seems tricky to get tied into the system at a dialysis center.  Tricky for some centers anyway.  In the case of the center I’m using now, it’s not a problem.  They are proactive.  They have a very good staff … Continue reading

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Dialysis Patient-Centered Care (PCC)

Last month two events took place that were very different but also very related.  One was the ESRD Network 14 Annual Conference (see here)  and the other was the quarterly Dialysis Patient Citizens  Conference Call.  Both concerned Patient Centered Care … Continue reading

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