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Dialysis and Action

Dears Readers, This is a moment when your action is required for your benefit and all the others in dialysis!  Quickly, CMS (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) has proposed a huge cut to dialysis payments for Medicare patients.  They … Continue reading

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Discharge Planning from a Patient Perspective

This is an article I wrote for a discussion group on “Discharge Planning” but I’m sure many7 of you dialysis patients can relate to it. I never really thought about “Discharge Planning” until I came across this website on the … Continue reading

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Dialysis and ObamaCare – Get Covered America

I received this information from the Get Covered America Team. In October, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will add another feature to its growing list.  This will be the requirement that all Americans should be covered by insurance.  Now, if … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Frailty

I came across this study that has some real relevance to us as dialysis patients so I wanted to pass it along.   To summarize:  it’s about a short test that can be useful in determining the risk of dialysis … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Death (Part 2)

When I sat down to write about my friend John’s passing, I wanted to make the point about death and dialysis and all the ramifications of it but I didn’t want these issues to interfere with my tribute to John … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Medicare

    Update 10/17/12: Some notes from a recent conference: http://www.nephrologynews.com/articles/109077-where-is-the-esrd-program-going Update 10/9/12: I found a very good site that does a great job of explaining Medicare.  It’s directed to “seniors” but all ESRD patients will eventually be on Medicare if … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Social Work

“Social Worker” is a person who has graduated with a masters degree from a graduate school of social work accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. As follow up to my previous posts about “Dialysis and Depression“, I spoke with … Continue reading

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Dialysis and a New Center

(This posting is a follow up to a previous post called “Dialysis and the Center from Hell Part 2“.  You don’t have to read it to understand this post but it’ll make more sense when you do.) When I made … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Money

If you’re in the first couple years of dialysis and your medical expenses are covered by private insurance, you need to know this:  You are the Golden Ticket to a dialysis center! After 33 months on dialysis, you automatically convert … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Center from Hell

It seems tricky to get tied into the system at a dialysis center.  Tricky for some centers anyway.  In the case of the center I’m using now, it’s not a problem.  They are proactive.  They have a very good staff … Continue reading

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