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Dialysis and a New Center

(This posting is a follow up to a previous post called “Dialysis and the Center from Hell Part 2“.  You don’t have to read it to understand this post but it’ll make more sense when you do.) When I made … Continue reading

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Military Brats Unite!

Update: 9/4/12:  Since most of this blog is about Dialysis, I started a new one where I’ll pine for the past and share my stories about being a military brat.  Eventually, I’ll move all the relevant posts to that side. … Continue reading

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Friendship (Life-long)

Because I was brought up in the chaotic, transient life of a Military brat, I can’t point to anyone and say, “We’ve been friends since childhood”.  I’ve met people who can say that and I really envy them for that … Continue reading

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Sexing a Kitten 101

I never saw myself as a cat lover.  They are aloof and unfriendly, hardly a pet, more of an animal that allows you to live with it.   Or so I thought.  Not so with this feline.  It’s affectionate, attentive, … Continue reading

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