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Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

Okay ya’ll.  I’m going for the transplant. I signed up for the Transplant list with Harris Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.  So, if you readers with two kidneys happen to be there….  LOL I’ll keep you informed as I venture … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Cramping updated

Cramping isn’t good!  CRAMPING IS BAD! (update 6/26/16: See the comments for more thoughts about cramping) Aside from the fact that it is excruciatingly painful, it is an indication that something is wrong during dialysis.  Too much fluid is being … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Weight Loss – Part Two

Part Two There are three options:  Lapband, the “sleeve”, and “gastric bypass”.  Each has its benefits and drawbacks.  How did I do it?   I had bariatric surgery for the Lapband.  The major plus for me and why I chose … Continue reading

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Dialysis and a New APP

The AAKP came up with this helpful bit of Andriod technology… THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF KIDNEY  PATIENTS LAUNCHES NEW APP TO HELP PATIENTS WITH NUTRITIONAL NEEDS “On July 24, the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) launched the AAKP Nutrition … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Shortness of Breath

Here’s a very good post about kidney disease and shortness of breath… http://www.renaldiseases.org/dialysis/265.html#.UlWBE31OnMI

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What Was I Drinking…er…Thinking

Originally posted on Bob Northam:
Bob Here. So this dialysis patient goes into a bar and orders a beer, right? The bartender says, “That’ll be eight dollars. You know,” he continues, “we don’t get many dialysis patients in here.” The…

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Dialysis and Emotions

Okay I’m speaking from the heart this time.    I am going to use a word I really don’t like to use so you can rest assured I mean all this with every fiber of my soul. I hate dialysis! … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Procedure (3)

Update 3/30/13:  I fixed a link to the Social Networking post.  Sorry for the inconvenience of it not working, This is part three of the three part series.  The first part is “Dialysis and the Procedure”  Okay, so you’ve managed … Continue reading

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Dialysis and The Procedure

If you’re looking forward… wait, not a good way to phrase that… if you’re going to enter Dialysis soon, it might be helpful to get an idea of the process.  First thing is you get a shift and days.  There … Continue reading

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