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Dialysis and Medicare

    Update 10/17/12: Some notes from a recent conference: http://www.nephrologynews.com/articles/109077-where-is-the-esrd-program-going Update 10/9/12: I found a very good site that does a great job of explaining Medicare.  It’s directed to “seniors” but all ESRD patients will eventually be on Medicare if … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Personal Struggle

I gotta share this.  If I think I have it bad, this is someone who has it much worse and is a generation younger!  His story reminds me of how “good” I have it. This is from the “Birmingham News” … Continue reading

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Dialysis and THANK YOU!

Yesterday, Sept 26, 2012 was the greatest number of viewers on one day since I started this blog and, obviously, that wouldn’t have been possible without you.  So, thank you for reading my blog. I like to think I’m helping … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Disability

October is Disability Employment Month… just in case you wanted to know that minor fact!  LOL I did a double-take when I read this: “They may need education on the long-term negative effects of taking disability on patients’ health and well-being.” … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Money

If you’re in the first couple years of dialysis and your medical expenses are covered by private insurance, you need to know this:  You are the Golden Ticket to a dialysis center! After 33 months on dialysis, you automatically convert … Continue reading

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Dialysis Patient-Centered Care (PCC)

Last month two events took place that were very different but also very related.  One was the ESRD Network 14 Annual Conference (see here)  and the other was the quarterly Dialysis Patient Citizens  Conference Call.  Both concerned Patient Centered Care … Continue reading

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A Personal Success

I have to share this with the world! Both my sons completed their GED testing successfully today. We just got the Certificates in the mail.  I am so very proud of them. It’s been a difficult path for them.  They … Continue reading

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