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Dialysis and Bones

There’s a very good presentation from the DPC Education Center with audio and slides that describes the relationship of kidney function, calcium, the thyroid gland, and bones.  I found it very help in my understand of bone density and kidney … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Mental Health

I am really sorry for the late notice about this webinar and telephone conference but if you can make it tomorrow, this should be worth it.  Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC), of which I am a member, has an Education Center … Continue reading

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Dialysis and HR-4814

I’m going to pester you about this because it’s way too important so, please forgive me. Recently, a bill called “H.R.4814 – Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement in Research and Treatment Act of 2014” was introduced in the U.S. House of … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Nutrition

The Dialysis Patient Citizens Education Center held a really good telephone conference last week about Nutritional issues for dialysis patients. On this call, Sara Colman-Carlson, Nutrition Manager of DaVita.com, addresses the important nutrients kidney patients need to monitor in order … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Washington, DC

(I apologize that this is over a month old and I and  I am just now posting it!  Frankly, I thought I had finished it but obviously I didn’t!)  As you may know I was in DC for the Fly-in … Continue reading

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Dialysis and DC

Update 9/9/13: In DC and having a wonderful meeting with many Patient Ambassadors from Dialysis Patient Citizens. On Twitter, see #stopESRDcuts as that is why we are here. Join DPC free. Its a patient advocacy group based in DC.

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Dialysis and Letter Writing

From the DPC (Dialysis Patient Citizens) Newsletter for August, here’s a very important and practical activity you can do that will have a huge impact and benefit all your fellow dialysis patients.  Write a Letter to your local newspaper.   … Continue reading

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