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Dialysis and Rebirth

I recently made some profound changes in my life.  I didn’t mention anything previously because I didn’t want to jinx it.  But, now that I am a bit down the road, I’m comfortable to write about it. Confession time.  I’ve not … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Mental Health

I am really sorry for the late notice about this webinar and telephone conference but if you can make it tomorrow, this should be worth it.  Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC), of which I am a member, has an Education Center … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Acceptance

I Originally published this in October, 2012 but it’s an important issue and I wanted to bring it up again… I recently read some  posts on the Davita Forums about people’s experience getting started on dialysis and how they seriously … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Living

Every day we have to deal with the 800 lb Gorilla in the room.  We can often walk around it but it’s there, every minute of every day: Kidney Failure and Dialysis.  Here’s a really well written article by Courtney … Continue reading

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It’s Been a Sad and Tragic Week – Here Are 10 Songs About Death and Loss Helping Me Through

As #Dialysis patients, we often have to deal with the reality of death. I thought this post by “I’m Still a Kid” might help with that issue.” I’m reluctant to post this between holidays but death often comes at the … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Depression (continued)

Update: 10/13/13:  Wow! It’s a year later.  How things have changed!  I don’t really have time to be depressed.  My suggestion is working very well on myself.  I got involved in advocating for dialysis patients and dog rescue.  With all … Continue reading

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Dialysis and My Cat

My cat taught me some lessons about myself and my dialysis experience so I’d like to pass that along. First, some history.  I’ve never been a cat person but this one decided it needed to live with us and that … Continue reading

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