New to Dialysis

I have a category called “New Patient” on any blog posting that I consider important for people new to dialysis.  On the right on the site is a All Posts By Category button.  Click on that pulldown and select “New Patient“.  This will get you to the information quickly.

I understand you’re in an overwhelming quandary.  It’s difficult but not insurmountable.  You will get through this.  There’s a lot to learn and you will master it over time.  Just do what you can about what you can and pat yourself on the back for that achievement.  Don’t worry about the things you can’t control right now.  You will make it.  You’ll reach the mountaintop, breathless, but still here.  Let me know what I can help you with.  You can leave a comment and if you wish for it to be confidential, let me know and I will not make it public.  I add posts frequently.  Come back often, read, and learn.  Ask questions of the center staff.  Don’t be shy.  It’s your medical treatment and everyone in the center should respect that.

One blog post I can suggest for new patients is “Dialysis and the First Stick

13 Responses to New to Dialysis

  1. beth says:

    Hello there, I have been reading your blog all day, I have learned a lot from it. I have a cousin that is currently residing in NJ. She has been on Dialysis, for nearly six months now, her son left for college, and she is leaving alone, it is becoming hard to manage on her own. I was thinking about moving her here close to me (Garland, TX), I think at first I need to make sure her Dialysis will not be interrupted (3X a week), so I was going to start by contacting Dialysis center, I think I have narrowed it down to two, I was hoping to get your feedback and any other information you may be able to help me with. Please let me know via email if this is something you can help me with or if you have can suggest another resource
    I appreciate any help you are able to provide.

  2. Tina says:

    Devon I was told by some people from Dialyspa that you attended Kidney Day at the Capital I wish I had the chance to meet you cause I was there your blog has helped me so much since I started Dialysis thanks for the great information.

    • DevonTexas says:

      And I am just as sorry! There were a great many people there! It was an exciting and tiring few days! I am sure we will meet but i am even more pleased you are benefiting from my blog.

    • DevonTexas says:

      And I am just as sorry! There were a great many people there! It was an exciting and tiring few days! I am sure we will meet but i am even more pleased you are benefiting from my blog.

  3. Robert says:

    thank you for your blog, you have a lot of good information. My dad just started his dialysis but seems a more depress because the treatment. It has not been easy, but we are coping as best as we can. I wish there was other things my sister and I could do on our end to assist our dad and get him back on track. His sister was part of the dialysis treatment and she past away, and that really had a huge impact on him. He was reluctant to get the treatment even though his Nephrologist told him that he needed it a few years ago. It was not until 2 weeks ago that we had to call the rescue and perform emergency dialysis as his HB was less than 6. Even though I have spoken about the benefits to him of the treatment is a real challenge. The food is a challenge as in our culture we eat with a lot of spices, salt and rice.Please let me know if you could provide me some guidance, I love my dad to see his great grand kids and be part of our lives for years to come.

    • DevonTexas says:

      Perhaps the best thing you can do is to become as informed as possible about dialysis so can answer his questions. Read this blog and others. In here, click on the “New to Dialysis” button or search that category in the home page and it will help. The more you know, they better you will be able to help. I’m sorry your Dad is having such a rough time of it. It’s extremely rough in the first year or so but after a while dialysis patients get into a groove and it’s just part of the day and week. I hope he can get to that point.

  4. valerie says:

    My mom just started dialysis 2 weeks ago and she’s very weak and can’t walk. Anyone have any advice when she’ll get her strength back?

    • DevonTexas says:

      Valerie, sometimes it take a while. For me, well, I’m not sure I ever got my strength back. But I’ve seen some patients who respond quickly and rebound within a couple months. It depends on how her treatments go and how much her blood gets cleaned by dialysis. So, long story short, everyone is different. I hope she get her “groove” back quickly.

  5. mcwitch says:

    I am really happy to have found your blog. I was just diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy and stage 4 CKD. Thank you so much for sharing, it takes the fear out of this entire process for people like me 🙂

    • DevonTexas says:

      Thank you for that note! It makes my day.

      I’m sorry you are forced to join our “family” with CKD but we are blessed by the fact that we have an alternative other than just transplants. Dialysis is not so bad once you get into the groove. It just takes some time to get there.

      Thanks for reading the blog.

  6. Lida Artounian says:

    My husband is 57 and his on dialysis. We live in California and pretty soon his going to lose his health coverage through his work. He has medicare and he need secondary insurance to cover the 20 percent that medicare doesn’t cover. I contacted different insurance companies they don’t take dialysis patient specialy because he’s not 65 and over. please let me know if you have any information regarding medigap or seconday insurance. Thanks

    • DevonTexas says:

      Yes, there is MediGap insurance that will take dialysis patients. Caontact AARP or ask your Social Worker for which of their plans covers Dialysis patients. FYI, is workjng very gard to remove that restriction so we can go with any plan because some offer outstanding benefits. There are rwo bills now that will do this. In the House of Representatives, it is HR.1130 and in the Senate, it is S.598. It would help if you called both of your Senators and your local Representative. Mention the bill number pertaining to their respective legislative body. Your story is particularly common and we need to change this! Thank you and I hope you find it soon.

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