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Dialysis and News

  Here’s some very interesting and encouraging news for kidney patients with FSGS,,, Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have found that treatment with abatacept (Orencia) appeared to halt the course of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) in five patients, preventing four … Continue reading

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Dialysis or Transplant – Which is the lessor evil/better salvation?

Originally posted on eleisawifelife:
I have been inspired to write about this difficult topic by Big D and Me’s blog post Dialysis or Transplant:  The Big Decision.  He shared his experience and really voiced our experience also. In our early…

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Dialysis and Love

I had to pass this along to you, my readers, because it’s a wonderful story about a woman in dialysis and her supportive brother who happens to be an NFL player. They are best friends. Its a love story. Click … Continue reading

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Dialysis and 5 Myths

Dear Readers! Last month, for World Kidney Day, the British Columbia Renal Agency in Canada released a publication called, “A time to correct some myths about kidney disease”.  It lists five myths about kidney disease and attempts to correct them … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Multi-List Transplant

I came across this article and podcast from the Renal Support Network’s “Kidney Talk” program and figured I’d pass it along. I am often asked about transplants and new patients especially ask me.  Their nephrologist may have suggested they get … Continue reading

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Stehpen’s Journey – March – Pediatric Transplant Preparations

Reblogging from DPC Blog Page.  Pediatric Dialysis and Transplant.  Things I never considered but are a fact of life for little Stephen… Stehpen’s Journey – March – Pediatric Transplant Preparations.

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Dialysis and Education

The Dialysis Patient Citizens opened a new Education Center.  Here’s the link to the page for it.  I look forward to reading and contributing to it. In case you’re not aware of Dialysis Patient Citizens, they are the leading advocacy … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Age

A reader commented this week and wrote: …I wish my dad would go on dialysis, but..he is refusing, he just got out of Hospital yesterday after having a heart attack, his kidneys are only 16 percent. i am so worried, … Continue reading

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Dialysis or Transplant – Guest Blog

I came across a wonderful blog the other day where a dialysis patient with a foot in both both worlds offers his experience and perspective on Dialysis and Kidney Transplant. This is a particularly poignant tale because it involves a … Continue reading

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