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Dialysis and Summer Camp

Originally published in May but I want to make sure everyone with kids in dialysis has a chance to see this… if not this year, then next year your child can have a summer camp experience.  It breaks my heart … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Telling the Kids

I recently got a very good question “How do I tell my kids I’m going on dialysis?” It sparked some thoughts.  When I started dialysis it was “all of a sudden”.  I told most people after the fact.  It’s mostly … Continue reading

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Stehpen’s Journey – March – Pediatric Transplant Preparations

Reblogging from DPC Blog Page.  Pediatric Dialysis and Transplant.  Things I never considered but are a fact of life for little Stephen… Stehpen’s Journey – March – Pediatric Transplant Preparations.

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Dialysis and Age

A reader commented this week and wrote: …I wish my dad would go on dialysis, but..he is refusing, he just got out of Hospital yesterday after having a heart attack, his kidneys are only 16 percent. i am so worried, … Continue reading

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CKD and Your Job (Part One)

If you’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), you need to know some things about how this may affect your life and your work. According to  The Kidney Fund:  “The term ‘chronic kidney disease’ (CKD) means lasting damage to … Continue reading

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The High Dive

When I made the decision to change centers (as chronicled  in “Dialysis and the New Center“) it was both final and somewhat impulsive.  I finally got pissed off enough that I was willing to make the dive. And the “diving” metaphor is … Continue reading

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Military Brats Unite!

Update: 9/4/12:  Since most of this blog is about Dialysis, I started a new one where I’ll pine for the past and share my stories about being a military brat.  Eventually, I’ll move all the relevant posts to that side. … Continue reading

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A Personal Success

I have to share this with the world! Both my sons completed their GED testing successfully today. We just got the Certificates in the mail.  I am so very proud of them. It’s been a difficult path for them.  They … Continue reading

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Father, My Father

Here was my tweet in response to the one from AARP asking us to write about our Fathers in 140 characters or less.  Trust me, it was a challenge to be so brief about a man I cared so much. … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to DevonTexas’ Blog Site. Here’s where I will post my thoughts, experiences, and otherwise useful items.  I hope you enjoy it and come away with something of value. I appreciate your visit and any comments you might have. Most … Continue reading

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