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#Dialysis and DevonTexas

Someone asked recently about the stats from my blog  I looked them up and they are quite impressive, I must say.  All-time posts, views and visitors since I started it in June 2012…  Posts = 256,  Views = 72,196,  … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Friday

      Hey all!   I really don’t have much to post about today other than Happy Friday! For those on a MWF dialysis schedule, you get two days off! For those on TTS schedule, you only have one … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Good News

It’s almost rare nowadays that we get some good news from Congress but here’s some news that a bill signed by the President grants dialysis facilities and pharmaceutical providers some stability in what they’ll be reimbursed for kidney patients.   … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Comments

Update 10/13/13:  Thank you to all my readers that left comments!  That was very kind.  I feel rewarded by what you wrote.  I really needed that.  It inspires me to write more! Hey all.  It’s a rainy Saturday and I’ve … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Love

I had to pass this along to you, my readers, because it’s a wonderful story about a woman in dialysis and her supportive brother who happens to be an NFL player. They are best friends. Its a love story. Click … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Social Networking

Social Networking Update 3/30/13:  I bought my third table/pad computer a couple weeks ago.  I will post about  that.  I’ve learned much about the technology since my original posting. Update 9/18/12: I found this rather funny site illustrating “Social Networking” … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Death

Update 1/22/13:  There’s a second part to this.  After you read this,  see “Dialysis and Death (Part 2)“.  My friend “Chief” died this week.  He died on Wednesday and I found out on Friday when someone mentioned it.  I’ll miss … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Initial Shock

Here is the text of a post I made shortly after I started dialysis.   It was written in September, 2008 about a month after I started.  It’s a stark reminder of how overwhelming it is to begin dialysis… lest … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Our Voice In Congress

As you sit in a treatment chair or go through your routines in a dialysis center or at home, it may seem like ESRD and transplant patients don’t have much of a voice in the huge medical juggernaut surrounding us.  … Continue reading

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Friendship (Life-long)

Because I was brought up in the chaotic, transient life of a Military brat, I can’t point to anyone and say, “We’ve been friends since childhood”.  I’ve met people who can say that and I really envy them for that … Continue reading

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