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Dialysis and Patient-Centered Care

I was originally diagnosed with CKD somewhere about the turn of the century.  I worked my way up the kidney disease ladder to each stage of the disease and finally I went on dialysis in 2008;  Exactly five years ago … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Health Scare

OMG!  I usually check and double-check my links in anything I post.  This one time, I didn’t and, it didn’t work.  My sincere apologies! BTW… Y’all need to tell me if a link doesn’t work! Please! Here’s a fascinating video … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Further Action

If you didn’t already read them, this post is a follow up to previous posts about the topic of Medicare (CMS) arbitrarily cutting payments to providers my an effective rate of 9.4 percent.  This may seem small but it will … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Action

Dears Readers, This is a moment when your action is required for your benefit and all the others in dialysis!  Quickly, CMS (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) has proposed a huge cut to dialysis payments for Medicare patients.  They … Continue reading

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