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Dialysis and the Dream Comes True – DialySpa

Updated 12/4/13:   The Mayo Clinic announced a new center that sounds like it’s in the same direction as Dialyspa.  I’ve contacted them for more information.  CLICK HERE to read their announcement. A few months back, I was in Houston, … Continue reading

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What Was I Drinking…er…Thinking

Originally posted on Bob Northam:
Bob Here. So this dialysis patient goes into a bar and orders a beer, right? The bartender says, “That’ll be eight dollars. You know,” he continues, “we don’t get many dialysis patients in here.” The…

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Dialysis and Apologies

I haven’t been on-line much lately and for that I apologize.  I like to post every couple days — usually on my “days off”; Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday — but I’ve just been darned busy with so many other things. … Continue reading

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