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Dialysis and ObamaCare (Index)

I’ve written several posts about kidney failure and Dialysis and the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on people with kidney disease.  For the ease of those who would like to read all the posts (or some), I’ve prepared … Continue reading

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Dialysis and

Well, it’s official! I finally took the plunge and registered my website name!  I’m so pleased with myself and I’m appreciative of the readers that visit here and read my posts. In the first post on this blog site I … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Sleep Apnea

Update 6.18.13: I found this site that is really informative about CPAP and Sleep Apnea.  To get there CLICK HERE Update 6/10/13:  The questions came up:  “Can CPAP be used during dialysis?”  The simple answer is “yes” but there may … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Patient-Centered Care

Scroll to the bottom for an update if you’ve already read this previously posted article. I wrote previously about Patient-Centered Care (PCC)  and this will be a continuation of that topic, sort of a Part 2.  In the previous post, I … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Support

My center allows patients to have visitors (some centers don’t) but they must wear paper gowns to cover their street clothes while they visit with the patient.  Sometimes it’s a short visit but there are also visitors who stay the … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Sticking Yourself

(Scroll down for updates) Here’s a video from via the Renal Fellow Network about how to stick yourself (Self-cannulation) for home dialysis using the “button-hole technique”. Bill Peckham has been on dialysis since 1990 (before my sons were born!) … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Love

I had to pass this along to you, my readers, because it’s a wonderful story about a woman in dialysis and her supportive brother who happens to be an NFL player. They are best friends. Its a love story. Click … Continue reading

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