Here are some very simple, straight-forward thoughts on dialysis that I’d like to pass along from another blogger. Enjoy.

Surviving Healthcare At The UHN

The truth is dialysis is not a death sentence.

The truth is dialysis is not a stopgap temporary treatment until one gets a kidney. Even people who get a kidney can end back up on dialysis,so think of transplants as a stopgap temporary treatment between dialysis

The truth is no one modality is better than the others. Sometimes one modality suits a patient better than another…and some modalities are unsuitable for others. Some times people need to switch modalities. That doesn’t mean any one is better or not,just that everybody is different and so are their treatments… the modality a person is on is the modality of dialysis that saves that person’s life,regardless of anybody’s opinion of the modality.

The truth about dialysis is there is no one foolproof access point and not everybody qualifies for every type. Every type of access can get clogged up or infected.No type of access is clot-proof or 100%…

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About DevonTexas

I am a person with ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) which means my kidneys don't work. Forty or so years ago that would have been a death sentence but today there is Dialysis which means I can be hooked up to a machine that will clean my blood as the kidneys should. Three days a week, I go to a center and have too very large needles stuck in my arm to remove and replace my blood as it passes through a process where it's cleaned and the fluid is removed, a process taking a little over four hours each time. I want to advance knowledge about dialysis so that other patients can learn from my experience and mistakes. We shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel, eh? There is so much to be learned and experienced about our predicament. There are vast resources available to support us and enrich our lives but many patients don't know about them. There are also many issues that we have to deal with whether we want to or not. So I blog about them. All comments are confidential until I approve them. If you don't want your comment public, let me know and I will respect that. So, feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy.
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