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Dialysis and a Not Normal Day

Update: 8/18/12  Working like crazy today… New posting about Pain and Lidocaine comine out tomorrow (8/19/12) morning and another in progress about “the Ritual” of dialysis for noobs.  Watch this space!   I found this other blogger and author who wrote … Continue reading

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Not a good day.. (updated).

Update 8/9/12:  My eyes are better today, but I spent all morning at the Texas Workforce Commission, meeting with them so I can preserve my unemployment payments that are currently paying the bills. Now I’m just tired and need a … Continue reading

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CKD and Your Job (Part One)

If you’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), you need to know some things about how this may affect your life and your work. According to  The Kidney Fund:  “The term ‘chronic kidney disease’ (CKD) means lasting damage to … Continue reading

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Too damn hot!

It’s too hot to go to church tomorrow so I will blog about Dialysis and Your Job.  Too many people are not aware of what to do when and if you get fired for being sick with CKD or dialysis.  … Continue reading

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Dialysis and New Patient Orientation

New Patient Orientation is probably the most lacking in dialysis centers.  As patients, too quickly we forget what it was like to enter a facility and spend the next several hours in treatment.  We forget the pain and discomfort, the … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Elections

I worked the Primary Runoff Election Tuesday 3/31/12. It’s something you can do if you’re on a M0W-F schedule for dialysis.  It’s really easy.  You can contact your local or state office of Elections and find out how to become … Continue reading

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