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No blogs this week (updated)

See the update below… You’ll have to excuse me.  I’m not planning to blog for most of this week.  I am going to dialysis on first shift to fill in for another patient on vacation and I’m researching for some … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Center from Hell – Part 2

Here was a typical day at the Center from Hell… I would leave work about 2:30 to get to the center by 3:00.  The regular third shift starting time was supposed to be 4:00 but the tech (Krystal) I usually … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Initial Shock

Here is the text of a post I made shortly after I started dialysis.   It was written in September, 2008 about a month after I started.  It’s a stark reminder of how overwhelming it is to begin dialysis… lest … Continue reading

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Dialysis and Our Voice In Congress

As you sit in a treatment chair or go through your routines in a dialysis center or at home, it may seem like ESRD and transplant patients don’t have much of a voice in the huge medical juggernaut surrounding us.  … Continue reading

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Military Brats Unite!

Update: 9/4/12:  Since most of this blog is about Dialysis, I started a new one where I’ll pine for the past and share my stories about being a military brat.  Eventually, I’ll move all the relevant posts to that side. … Continue reading

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Dialysis New Patient Checklist

If you’re new to dialysis or are nearing the start of treatment, here are some good points to consider from the ESRD Networks.  I have added my thoughts beside each in parentheses. If there is a posting about the subject, … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Center from Hell

It seems tricky to get tied into the system at a dialysis center.  Tricky for some centers anyway.  In the case of the center I’m using now, it’s not a problem.  They are proactive.  They have a very good staff … Continue reading

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