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Dialysis and Our Voice In Congress

As you sit in a treatment chair or go through your routines in a dialysis center or at home, it may seem like ESRD and transplant patients don’t have much of a voice in the huge medical juggernaut surrounding us.  … Continue reading

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Military Brats Unite!

Update: 9/4/12:  Since most of this blog is about Dialysis, I started a new one where I’ll pine for the past and share my stories about being a military brat.  Eventually, I’ll move all the relevant posts to that side. … Continue reading

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Dialysis New Patient Checklist

If you’re new to dialysis or are nearing the start of treatment, here are some good points to consider from the ESRD Networks.  I have added my thoughts beside each in parentheses. If there is a posting about the subject, … Continue reading

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Dialysis and the Center from Hell

It seems tricky to get tied into the system at a dialysis center.  Tricky for some centers anyway.  In the case of the center I’m using now, it’s not a problem.  They are proactive.  They have a very good staff … Continue reading

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Dialysis Patient-Centered Care (PCC)

Last month two events took place that were very different but also very related.  One was the ESRD Network 14 Annual Conference (see here)  and the other was the quarterly Dialysis Patient Citizens  Conference Call.  Both concerned Patient Centered Care … Continue reading

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A Personal Success

I have to share this with the world! Both my sons completed their GED testing successfully today. We just got the Certificates in the mail.  I am so very proud of them. It’s been a difficult path for them.  They … Continue reading

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Next Generation Dialysis Chair

Great news! While I was attending the ESRD Network annual meeting, I chanced to meet a VP of a chair manufacturer and we got talking. I tried out the chair he had on display and we started generating ideas for … Continue reading

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