No blogs this week (updated)

See the update below…

You’ll have to excuse me.  I’m not planning to blog for most of this week.  I am going to dialysis on first shift to fill in for another patient on vacation and I’m researching for some upcoming blogs on Patient-Centered Care, Fluid monitoring during dialysis, Changing centers, Patient Comfort in Dialysis, etc.

So, mostly, I’m reading and surfing for information.  I should be back on my regular schedule next week or maybe as soon as this weekend.  In the meantime, as you can see, I have several and many topics I’ve blogged about.  Read and catch up!  LOL

Update… It’s Saturday and I will be back on my regular dialysis schedule next week.  Today, I’m getting caught up with the many things that fell behind including a lot of email!

It’s strange how a small change in routine can have such impact.  Because I was dialyzing on first shift at 5:45 am, I wasn’t in my usual routine of spending the first several hours (7 am to 10 am) at my computer, writing and reading, then going to dialysis on second shift and getting home about 4.  I got home at 11 am but I am pretty shot from the after-effects of dialysis no matter which shift.  It drains me.  However, the first shift takes away that little window of productive time I spend doing this blog and managing my affairs.

Anyway, it’s Saturday, I’m back at the keyboard and ready to go.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Oh, and to those who are reading my blog on a regular basis, THANK YOU!   I really appreciate your continued support! It means a lot to me.

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About DevonTexas

I am a person with ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) which means my kidneys don't work. Forty or so years ago that would have been a death sentence but today there is Dialysis which means I can be hooked up to a machine that will clean my blood as the kidneys should. Three days a week, I go to a center and have too very large needles stuck in my arm to remove and replace my blood as it passes through a process where it's cleaned and the fluid is removed, a process taking a little over four hours each time. I want to advance knowledge about dialysis so that other patients can learn from my experience and mistakes. We shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel, eh? There is so much to be learned and experienced about our predicament. There are vast resources available to support us and enrich our lives but many patients don't know about them. There are also many issues that we have to deal with whether we want to or not. So I blog about them. All comments are confidential until I approve them. If you don't want your comment public, let me know and I will respect that. So, feel free to leave a comment. Enjoy.
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