Dialysis and Treatment Options

Recently a fellow patient asked me what treatment options were available to dialysis patients.  I stuttered a bit and named the ones that came to mind: In-center dialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Home Hemodialysis, and NxStage.  These may be correct but that’s about as far as I went.  Honestly, I couldn’t give her much more information than that although I should be well versed in various options (also referred to as Modalities).  Then, this recording of a conference call came up about “Treatment Options” from the DPC Education Center.

Education Manager & Nephrology Nurse Joanne Smith Provides Education on Treatment Options for Kidney Patients

On April 9, Education Manager Joanne Smith hosted an educational conference call and webinar on treatment options for kidney patients. Smith has been a nephrology nurse for 32 years, and provides in-home training to patients on peritoneal and hemodialysis.

CLICK HERE to listen and view the slides on YouTube.

If you have some more time, the DPC Education Center is very valuable.

I also came across this link to training manuals for nephrologists in training.  It might offer some insight into how physicians are trained in nephrology and renal issues. CLICK HERE to see it.

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Dialysis and Patient Responsibilies

Texas Map

From the ESRD Network of Texas (14), here is some information about Patient Responsibilities

Each month a new educational topic is available for Texas ESRD patients. May’s topic is “Learn About Patient’s Responsibilities“. These materials can be located on the Network 14 website by CLICKING HERE.  It is also available in Spanish by CLICKING HERE.  Please feel free to print these out and post them in your center or ask the staff member to do that.

As this is a frequently discussed topic by both patients and staff, it’s handy to have some idea of what Patient Responsibilities are in a dialysis center.  Perhaps the greatest responsibility is to Ask Questions!  You may not get the answer the first time, so ask again if you need to.

Your questions are important.  Don’t accept a flippant answer. When I was new, I asked why the machine was alarming.  I was told, “It’s you.”  That answer gave me no information at all!  Don’t accept an answer like that.  Ask again or ask another person.

Also, see my post “Dialysis and Hurricanes” if you like in an area affected by them, especially.  But, there may be something in there that prepares you for an emergency of another sort.  I posted “Dialysis and Disaster Planning 2013-2014” too


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Dialysis and Emergencies

If it's not tornado season, it's hurricane season but it's always severe weather season!

If it’s not tornado season, it’s hurricane season but it’s always severe weather season!

Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC) hosted a phone conference recently with Joan Thomas, the executive director of the Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition (KCER).  This is especially important for patients within the Southeast, Tornado Alley, and the Gulf Coast areas.  Please take a moment to listen to this and see what you might do in the case of an emergency.  Make note of phone numbers but also be prepared in case the cell towers are down!  CLICK HERE for the recording

Hints, Suggestions, and Comments

Here in Texas, we’ve had a month of severe storms including tornadoes.  It’s been a strange year!  I keep a set of my dialysis machine settings in a waterproof pouch in a backpack at the end of my bed in case I have to move quickly.  Fortunately, I haven’t had to use this information in an emergency so I can’t speak from experience but if you have some hints and suggestions, please comment on this blog.  There’s nothing like the voice of experience!

Also, there is a some valuable information about what to do in tornado and hurricane emergencies at the ESRD Network 14 website.  Disaster Preparedness.

The DPC Education Center also posted about natural disasters and being prepared titled, “The Importance of Scheduling Dialysis Treatments before Natural Disasters Strike“.  It raises some good points.

Very seriously, don’t wait for an emergency to happen before you think about disaster reaction.  It’s too late!  Dialysis patients are medically fragile.  Having to wait several days for treatment may kill you!

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Dialysis and News – May 2015

RSN Newsletter 1The Renal Support Network has published it’s newsletter.  I thought you might like to take a look at it and sign up/register to get it in your email.  They are very patient-centered and their founder is a transplant/dialysis patient with a passion for getting information to the dialysis community (like me).   To access their newsletter CLICK HERE. 

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Dialysis and Blog Talk Radio

Radio ListeningHere are some interesting spoken blogs on BlogTalk Radio from Dialysis Advocates…

This particular episode deals with How to Ask For What You Want as a dialysis patient.  John Rider, the guest speaker, has decades of experience in this matter.   You can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

Dr Robert BearAlso, here’s a broadcast of a discussion with Dr. Robert Bear who’s been an advocate of Patient-Centered Care (PCC) for many years.  I’ve met him several times, listened to his presentations, and spoken with him about PCC. Dr. Bear is that ideal physician that you would love to have treating you.  This is a chance to hear about PCC and Patient Engagement from the expert and how it impacts on dialysis patients.  CLICK HERE to listen.

For other broadcasts about dialysis on Blog Talk Raio CLICK HERE

I hope you find this helpful.

DevonTexas 2015

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Dialysis and Football

brockingtonGreen Bay Packer’s Football Player Goes the Extra Yard to Live‏

The Renal Support Network has a new podcast that’s all about kidney issues.  I posted about it previously in “Dialysis and Kidney Talk

Today RSN has a great interview with a former football player,  John Brockington, who like many of us ended up in the ER needing help with his failing kidneys.   As RSN says:

“John Brockington was one of many men who ignored the warning signs of health issues until he ended up in Emergency. John played football at Ohio State and for the Green Bay Packers and was in top shape. He didn’t think his body could fail him. Diane Brockington stepped forward and was a match. Listen to their remarkable story, and how their journey led them to help others through the John Brockington Foundation.”  (Renal Support Network)

You can listen to the interview by CLICKING HERE.

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Dialysis and “Doc Fix”

Billy BillFinally, after SEVENTEEN years, Congress has passed the “doc fix” bill to fill a hole they created in 1997.

Read about it here… 

From the DPC website, here’s the impact on dialysis patients based on the House version of the bill:

We are pleased to report that no cuts to dialysis funding are currently included in the bill. This time around, the House chose not to offset the entire cost. However, the bill would require wealthy seniors to pay more for their Medicare outpatient and prescription drug coverage, and restrict Medigap plans from being used to cover the Part B deductibles (currently $147). These changes will only apply to future Medicare beneficiaries and will not affect current dialysis patients enrolled in Medicare. To read more, CLICK HERE

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